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From Chef to Owner

I would like to finally get a chance to let you all know a little more about me (Chef Jared) and find out more about my background as a chef and now current owner of The Tailored Tea.

I grew up locally in Mechanicville NY where i did multiple sports such as soccer and track & field (were for the last 10 years i still hold 3 school records) and always had a passion for food even when i was younger.   After graduating MHS with my advanced regents diploma i choose to go to Suny SCCC for cooking because i wanted to stay close to home as i was still working to help put myself through college.

After attending the college for a summer and fall semester i took an internship with The Walt Disney World resort and had the time of my life and still hold my “re-hire” status if i ever choose to go back.  After coming back to NY when my program ended  began working at the Saratoga Racino in Fortune’s restaurant when i worked from sautee cook to gard manger chef over the course of five and a half years.  From there i left and worked as a line cook at the Bayou cafe in Glenville as well as the one in Albany.  after  that i worked at McGuires restaurant on Lark st in Albany as a Sous Chef  for a year before returning to the Bayou to take over as Executive Chef.  After leaving there i worked at Creo as a line cook for a few short months before taking the Executive Chef position at The Tailored tea.

After a year and a half of being the Chef here the Previous Owner, Annie, had offered me the business and after thinking hard and long about it and talking about the options with my fiancee i decided to go ahead and buy the Tea house from her even though i had just bought a house a month before.  I knew how much this place meant to Annie and i told her that i would do my best to keep her vision of this place alive for as long as i could.  So far i think I’ve done a decent job at doing so, and i only say decent because i always expect better from myself and strive to make each plate of food better than the last, each menu better than the previous and each experience for our guests better than the last.  But in saying this and just like every other restaurant would tell you that not everyone has the same view of things and everyone has the same taste in things as others which is why we have that old saying ” You can’t make everyone happy all the time” , well let me tell you that you better believe that I am damn well gonna try to, because when someone tells me i cant do something that i always try to prove them wrong and i become stronger because of it regardless if i accomplish it or not.

So i leave you with this final thought, Just like in a kitchen as it is in life…. There is always more to learn and those who can work under the heat and pressure of kitchen life can attest to those words ringing more true than anyone can know.  Chefs are a different breed of people.  We aren’t always the most polite at times and many of us can be very charismatic to make up for it, but we are a loyal bunch.  We give all that we have everyday to make the best food possible and always try new ways of doing things.  Also some of us may have many tattoos and some of us have none at all but inside we are all the same, we are a hard driving, perfection seeking, long hour working, knowledgeable crew of misfits and we like it that way.  The one thing we all look for as chefs is the smile that you have on that first bite of food that is exactly as big and joyful as the last one.

So here is to you all that have have come to The Tailored Tea and enjoyed our fine food and delicious tea.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart and we hope to see you all again.  And don’t hesitate to send your regards to the kitchen or just poke your head in and tell the chefs how much you enjoyed things.

-Chef Jared Bafaro

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